The story behind the man who started Nutrixin
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The story behind the man who started Nutrixin


Introducing our Founder

Our founder, Dr. Loke Wai Mun, is a chemist, nutritionist, food scientist, educator, functional food consultant, and a father of twin girls. Born on the foundation of his research on nutraceutical ingredients, Nutrixin is just one part of Dr. Loke’s  mission to acquaint  functional food to the Singapore public. Most importantly, the foundation for the company stems from the love for his two daughters. 


Expert in Nutraceutical product

Not only has Dr. Loke authored over 30 scientific articles, he has been involved in the R&D and validation of numerous functional food and nutraceutical products internationally. Our Peel Essence series is the brainchild of his years of extensive research on polyphenols.   

Leading the Functional Food Industry in Singapore 

Dr. Loke has been promoting functional food development in the local food industry. As an extension of his passion in the subject, he set up the Centre for Functional Food & Human Nutrition in Nanyang Polytechnic and created guidelines to manufacture food with approved nutrient and health claims for the Singapore Food Development Office. 

A Legacy to be remembered

The impetus behind Dr. Loke starting Nutrixin are his two daughters. With their health concerns as his main priority, Dr. Loke develops nutraceutical products that can be easily consumed by anyone including children. Our Apple Peel Essence is his daughters’ favourite drink!


Posted on 28 Jan, 2021
Posted by Dr. Loke Wai Mun

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