Super Polyphenols - Epicatechin
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Super Polyphenols - Epicatechin

As posted previously, epicatechin has been made famous in the world of nutraceuticals by its natural presence in cocoa and contribution to the health benefits of cocoa consumption. 


Epicatechin is naturally present in fruits and vegetables, but it is predominantly present in cocoa beans.

Epicatechin intake was inversely related to coronary heart disease mortality in elderly men and to cardiovascular disease mortality in prevalent cases of cardiovascular disease in  a 25- year follow-up cohort study of 774 men1. A recent meta-analysis of 15 published trial studies reported that epicatechin could significantly improve endothelial (blood circulation) function2.

Another recent clinical study also suggested that epicatechin improves vascular function (the ability of blood vessels to transport blood) acutely3.

With all the published scientific evidence, epicatechin has been scientifically proven to offer cardiovascular benefits. 


I am running a special series of posts on COVID-19 from my next post. Stay tuned. 


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Posted on 16 July 2021

Posted by Dr. Loke Wai Mun