Reason to Turn Vegan?
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Reason to Turn Vegan?

Everyone is raving about plant-based diets that are recommended for chronic disease prevention. Does eating just fruits and vegetables only suffice to maintain good health? What types of fruits and vegetables? 

Data on the quality of different plant-based diets are limited. Recently, a study reported the diet quality among participants of South Asian ancestry who consume a predominantly plant-based diet.[1] The 5-year follow-up study evaluated if plant-based diet quality is associated with cardiometabolic risk among 891 South Asian participants who were living in the United States. Plant-based diet quality was assessed using overall plant-based diet index, healthful plant-based diet index (healthy plant food), and unhealthful plant-based diet index (unhealthy plant food). A higher intake of healthful plant-based foods was associated with a favorable cardiometabolic risk profile, but not any plant-based foods. The scientist authors concluded that quality of plant-based foods is critical for its derived health benefits.


[1] Bhupathiraju, Shilpa N, Sawicki, Caleigh M, Goon, Shatabdi, Gujral, Unjali P, Hu, Frank B, Kandula, Namratha R & Kanaya, Alka M. 2022. A healthy plant-based diet is favorably associated with cardiometabolic risk factors among participants of South Asian ancestry. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition doi: 10.1093/ajcn/nqac174.

Posted by Dr. Loke Wai Mun

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