Prebiotics On Human Iron Absorption
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Prebiotics On Human Iron Absorption

Iron deficiency is the more common nutritional deficiency, especially in Asian women. Oral iron supplementation is the recommended first-line treatment. It is also used as a preventive measure. Even so, the problem persists. Supplementation may require enhancers of iron absorption to improve its outcomes. In my earlier blog, I explained the potential roles of prebiotics in our diet. In this post, I may add another to the list. 



Scientific literature proposes that prebiotics can enhance iron absorption, but lacks significant interpretation. A recently published narrative review of human trials tried to summarize the existing evidence on the effects of prebiotics on human iron absorption.[1] Eleven published articles were identified as of November 2021. While inconsistencies between the studies and results exist, convincing evidence exists for the prebiotics galacto-oligosaccharides and fructo-oligosaccharides improved iron absorption with the commonly used iron compound ferrous fumarate, in anemic, adult women and infants.[1] More research investigating the optimal combination of prebiotic, iron compound and dose as well as the effect of long-term application on iron status outcomes is needed.


[1] Husmann, Frederike M D, Zimmermann, Michael B & Herter-Aeberli, Isabelle. 2022. The Effect of Prebiotics On Human Iron Absorption: A Review. Advances in Nutrition



Posted by Dr. Loke Wai Mun