Orange beyond Vitamin C
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Orange beyond Vitamin C


People may be aware that eating oranges is good for their health because they are rich in vitamin C and dietary fibers. But oranges can offer much more benefits beyond their nutrient content. 


Unknown to most people, polyphenols in oranges, namely hesperidin and naringin, are also the reasons why eating oranges are good for health. 


These polyphenols are clinically shown to 

  • protect against high blood pressures1,2,3

  • lower blood cholesterol levels4

  • protect against damages by oxidants4,5

  • reduce inflammation1,3

Now you understand why eating oranges is good for your health. Not sure if you have been reading my blog, but ingesting 1 or 2 oranges a day is not enough to provide the correct amount of orange polyphenols for their health benefits. How would you consume orange for its health benefits? Nutrixin Orange Peel Essence offers a convenient and yet scientifically validated way to reap the health benefits of orange consumption.


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Posted on 19 Feb, 2021
Posted by Dr. Loke Wai Mun