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Why Nutrixin?

100% Nature’s Nutrients

Our proprietary scientific formulation extracts the most nutritious part of a freshly harvested fruit or vegetable, to elevate their intrinsic health benefits.


A better choice than many of today’s commerialised fruit juice beverages, Nutrixin’s essences are tailored for your daily consumption.

Scientifically Formulated and Tested

Rigorous product R&D, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, and accredited laboratory testings ensure the safety, quality and efficacy of our products.

Innovations with Hearts

Designed and developed by Dr Loke Wai Mun and his team of Food and Nutrition Scientists to bring Nature’s best to our consumers.

Highest Assurance to Your Wellbeing and Our Environment

Our essences are manufactured in an ISO-22000 and halal certified facility, and bottled in glass to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Sip into a quick bottle of Nutrixin peel essence as part of your daily breakfast

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Essence Range

From immunity boost, to heart & eye health, Nutrixin has products catered for all kinds of benefits.

Lifestyle Needs

A single serving of our Nutrixin® peel essence gives you the maximum worth of Peel Goodness.